There are No Victims Here

Volitional, proactive anorexia is not a disease or a disorder. It is not to be confused with ED-anorexia; it is not something invasive which one "suffers from." There are no VICTIMS here. It is a lifestyle choice that begins and ends with a particular faculty human beings seem in drastically short supply of today: the will.

In our victim-mentality saturated society, we seem to have forgotten the basic meaning of that classic statement by Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Likewise, no one and nothing can rule over you without your consent, either. The difference between the ED-anorectic and the volitional, proactive anorectic (or "pro-ana") is that the pro-ana realizes the truth of that statement. The ED-sufferer, by contrast, gapes at that statement in mute confusion, bound by her own delusion of helplessness which becomes experienced as a reality only through her investment of belief in it as such, which experience could likewise be revoked and annihilated at any time through the removal and redirection of that investment.

Contrary to popular misconception, volitional anorectics possess the most iron-cored, indomitable wills of all. Our way is not that of the weak. Self-control has never been the way of the weak. To deliberately direct one's course of action apart from the impulses of raw instinct and desire requires discipline, inner strength, persistence, and focus. Make no mistake about it: anorectics have appetites and survival instincts just like everyone else. Biologically all human beings are hard-wired not only to put food in our mouths but to enjoy and seek the experience repeatedly as well. The difference with volitional anorectics is that we choose to say "no" to these impulses, or choose to say "OK, but only these foods, and only this amount."

A Power to be Reckoned With

If we ever completely tapped that potential in our midst, and applied it to other areas outside eating habits and body sculpting, the fact is, we could change the world. Completely.

Maybe even rule it.

Is THAT what they are so afraid of? Is THAT why they strive so eagerly to silence our voices? Could it really be all about power, and the way our lifestyle exposes where it corrupts? Could it simply be that those who wield their pathetic little naked-emperor reign so irresponsibly and selfishly do NOT want word getting out to "the masses" of how simple a matter it is to throw off their chains and exist self-directed? Do they fear we will then realize what they are really up to, what they have been doing all this time in myriad of diverse ways upon a multitude of levels?

Well it's too late. Our eyes are open. The jig is up, the news is out, and IT is ON

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