hier ist erst mal schicht im schacht und bis ich weiß, wie ich diese trennung zwischen meinem eigentlichen - sehr vernachlässigtem - blog und diesem jammertal hinbekomme, wird hier nichts mehr folgen.
evtl. wird dann umgebaut und beide zusammengefügt, mal sehen.
26.2.07 16:42

don´t follow any rules but your own

"This ride is not for the weak. It's a psycho. A bit like real life. Well maybe not quite that bad. Be careful, kittling, be very, very careful."
jeff noon, vurt

...but this kitten bites back.

what this is all about
this page deals with anarchism, politics in general, art, contemporary science fiction and cyberpunkt literature, the free will, and last but nor least with the human being in the postmodern / posthuman society.
if your aren´t interested in neither of this topics this is obviously not the place where you should stay.
this is my quest through a sick world, these are my observations, my humble opinions, the most important reason to run this site is to serve my vanity.
like it or leave it.
28.3.06 14:29

more than hits the eye

this is what i call cool. best try the flash version. you might need to refresh several times till it loads, but it´s definitly worth the effort.

18.2.07 22:33

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my bloody vanity





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